Movies You Have to Watch if You are a Tech Geek

I have this friend who likes to make it all but impossible to watch a movie in peace. The unbelievable amount of scoffing, nit-picking, and the lack of suspension of disbelief is downright staggering. When he started telling me I should try crossfit, popping the Betway bonus code time and time again into our conversations, and just not paying attention to the movie in general, I knew I had to conjure up some movies he, as a tech geek, would find interesting. Here is what I’ve come up with.

The Social Network

It seems like it was yesterday when some of my friends from abroad started pestering me to make a Facebook account in order to keep in touch with them. The story follows the development and the consequences of Facebook from the perspective of young Mark Zuckerberg. If you are a tech geek who is into documentaries and historical drama, this is the perfect film for you. Without giving out any major spoilers, be prepared for a dream, two lawsuits, and the reality of social media.

Iron Man

But, let’s be honest, just the first installment. The first sequel was ‘meh’ at best, and the third one is just… Anyway, the reason this movie is on the list, is spite of the fact that it’s about a comic book hero with technology that is SF beyond belief, Tony Stark is one of the most relatable character, at least to those who are very intelligent and have trouble keeping their arrogance under control. In the universe of gods, radioactive spiders, mutants, gamma monsters and all kinds of creatures, Iron Man is a man who uses nothing but his wits (and seamlessly endless piles of cash) to come out on top. Plus, it’s a great way to start someone off when it comes to the Marvel movie franchise.


Broken heart and loneliness is something most of us have experienced at one time or another in our lives. While some people reach out for surrogates, like focusing on their career, getting involved in various causes, or just adoring their pets, this is a story of a man who falls in love with his operating system. We can’t blame him, as the AI is voiced by the lovely Scarlett Johansson. Of course there are a lot of logistical issues when you love someone without a physical body. Speaking of failing in love with a machine…

Ex Machina

Now this is a film for everyone who has ever entered into a debate concerning AI. A programmer is invited to spend a few weeks with the CEO of his company on a private island. It is there that he discovers he is supposed to be a tester for the robot his boss has developed. Not only does this give us some insight into the human mind and the fear surrounding the development of artificial intelligence, it also poses several questions. Alicia Vikander plays the part of the robot, Ava, perfectly.

The First Two Seasons of Black Mirror

Okay, these are not movies, and I would love to put The Fifth Element, Blade Runner, and a plethora of others on the list. However, if you’re a tech geek, you will truly appreciate the atmosphere of the Twilight Zone combined with the technology that isn’t very far away. The first two seasons of the show were done by the good people in the UK and are much darker than their American sequels. Every episode is a story in its own right, criticizing everything from social media, to talent shows, and government surveillance.