James Bond, the Suave Spy

In spite of the fact that the first James Bond movie, Casino Royale, came out in 1954 as a one-hour special on TV and that it originally came from the book of the same title, scores of generations can boast that they grew up watching movies with 007 being the main character. There was something about the elegant British agent that makes us love not only how he protects the world, but also how he handles casino games. To be honest, even with today’s technology, it is hard to imagine Bond using All British casino bonus codes on one of his missions. Let’s discuss the phenomenon that is James Bond.

The Origins

James Bond started as a book character. Ian Fleming, the writer behind the first batch of works, originally intended for the character who works in MI6 to be dull and uninteresting, which is why he chose such a name. Fleming wrote 14 novels and after his death in 1962, 44 more novels have been written, with the last one, Forever and a Day, published in 2018.

Fleming gave the character several of his own traits, including the choice in food and toiletries. The books were almost immediately adapted for television, but the character somehow transcended the original medium and moved on to comics, film, and radio.


Many took on the role of the agent throughout the decades, and the Bond actors include such names as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan, with the latest Bond being Daniel Craig, who has taken the mantle in 2006 and is scheduled for another movie in 2020. Remember Casino Royale? Craig played in the 2006 film which served as a tool to revive the series.

In the movies, Bond is depicted as an elegant and witty man, with sharp intelligence and amazing fighting skills. Besides his love of all things casino, he is also pretty good with the ladies. We can only guess that the part of his appeal comes from that old-school charm of someone who can make no mistake. Bond is elegant, confident, and skillful, which makes him an idol of many as he is only human. It is interesting to point out that this character is still immensely popular, despite the fact that this is the era of superhero adaptations.

Legacy and Parodies

Being a cultural phenomenon, it is impossible for the icon to exist without some sort of humorous tribute. Several references to the series were made in countless movies, cartoons, and TV shows, but two parodies stand out as ultimate James Bond comedies. They are Austin Powers and Johnny English. Austin Powers is an American comedy and it shows with the same subtlety as a bull in a china shop. The main character is a buffoon, but that’s okay because so is the villain. Johnny English, on the other hand, presents a character who tries his best to be smooth and fails miserably at it. Both franchises have something of a cult following.