Eagerly Awaited Movies of 2020

A long time ago, it was common for people to see a movie and then speculate whether there was going to be a sequel. There was also no way of knowing what the actors and directors were working on, as some of the projects were top secret, which means that Tom Holland would have had a bad time. Now, however, we get not only to speculate on the upcoming movies but also to know for certain which of them are going to be in theatres in the following years. Here are the most anticipated movies of 2020.

Birds of Prey

Another DC superhero movie that is not dealing with the frontline heroes, Birds of Prey brings back Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, this time joining Black Canary and Huntress in order to take down Black Mask, portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Will it be better than Suicide Squad? We can only hope.

Sonic the Hedgehog

After the internet exploded with demanding the redesign of the world’s most famous blue hedgehog, the film did not get out in 2019, as planned, but was instead pushed to 2020. One of the reasons the film is going to be a treat is Jim Carrey as the unscrupulous Dr. Robotnik.

Black Widow

Most people know John Krasinski from his role in The Office, so many were surprised when they saw him and his wife and amazing actress, Emily Blunt, in a horror film Krasinski directed. The family in the film does everything humanly possible to live quietly so as not to give off their location to the monsters that react to even the smallest of sounds. Krasinski is back directing the sequel and things look very promising so far.

A Quiet Place 2

It was about time we got to experience a Marvel movie dedicated to one of the crucial heroines of the Avengers. The film covers the events after Captain America Civil War and will feature characters like the Taskmaster and even Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

The Gentlemen

We are ready to forgive Guy Ritchie for Aladdin if this film is worth the hype. Mathew McConaughey plays the lead in this crime-drama that is bordering on comedy, portraying a drug boss living in England. The Gentlemen refers to how certain criminal elements in England call themselves while trying to cash in on the business at hand.


What do you get when you put two Marvel stars in a Pixar movie? An amazing animated feature. The movie follows two elf brothers, played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, who live in a world once brimming with magic and who come across a staff left to them by their father after he died. The staff is supposed to summon him for only 24 hours so that they could talk to him. Something goes wrong and we’ll keep it at that.

The New Mutants

Just when you thought you saw the last movie set in Fox’s X-Men universe, we are welcomed with one more, albeit long-delayed, feature. It is not a movie about the most famous residents of the School for the Gifted, but a rag-tag group of teens discovering their powers and trying to hide them. Fans of Game of Thrones will be delighted to see Maisie Williams in this movie.


This one is supposed to bring the fans of the original cartoon with the new generation and everyone in between, following the story of how Scooby-Doo met Shaggy and the rest of the gang and the inception of Mystery.inc. The movie will also be a comeback of the original voice of Scooby-Doo, Frank Welker.